Vivo X70 Pro Plus Flash File/Firmware/Rom free download

On this page you will find the download link for Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F Flash File/Firmware/Rom. After flashing it on your device, you will enjoy a smoother experience with your Android device. Free Vivo Y31 Flash File/Firmware/Rom download website:


Before downloading the Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F flash file, please make sure that your device is in fact Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F, otherwise you can search for the stock firmware that fits your device on our website.

The advantages of the flash file of the Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F:

  • Resets the device to the factory default values.
  • Upgrades the device with the latest version of android.
  • Fix boot loop issues on your device.
  • Improve the performance of your software
  • Repair the stuttering of your device.

Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F Flash/Firmware/ROM Info file

ROM NameVivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F Flash File/Firmware/ROM
ROM Size5.3 GB
Operating system Version RomAndroid 11
Model nameVivo X70 Pro Plus
Root accessnot

Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F Flash flag

  • before downloading, make sure to back up your ROM and personal data, as they will be deleted after flashing the stock firmware.
  • Make sure your phone is charged at least 40-50% before flashing your device.

Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F Flash important Notes:

  • Warning: flashing the firmware isa long process and should only be performed if you have sufficient knowledge. We are not responsible for any damage to your device.
  • If you have problems with the flash/firmware/ ROM file of the Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F or if you cannot find the model you are looking for, please contact us via the contact page. We will contact you as soon as possible.

>> How to flash Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F:

  • Download and extract QFIL tools on your PC.
  • Download and extract the included Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F firmware package.
  • Install the QD Loader Usb driver on your PC.
  • Connect your Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F mobile phone to your PC via a USB cable and restart the USB EDL code via adb: adb reboot EDL.
  • You can see the USB driver in the device manager (if not, your phone is not recognized by the computer. Do the pinout test point= short point).
  • Launch QFIL and download QFIL and XML files from the Vivo X70 Pro Plus PD2145F package.
  • Click the download button to start flashing on your mobile device.
  • This will take a few minutes. Please wait until it succeeds.
  • After that, the phone will restart.


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